Olives, berries, lavender, chestnuts, walnuts, cheese, honey, mead and more, the High Country is a mecca for delicious, fresh produce ripe for the picking.

Tour and taste, meet the farmers and makers and learn first hand about living a more sustainable lifestyle.


At the heart and soul of every delicious High Country menu is exceptional local produce, and when you combine talented and passionate producers with wonderfully fertile and diverse land, magic happens.

All throughout the year, you’ll be treated to the season's best, straight from the patch, into your basket.


Sourdough crumpets, hand milled flour (baked that day!) and the war on gluten - fought with bread! Meet the artisan High Country bakers leading the way.

of the

It's nature's most delicious sweet treat, one of the world's oldest superfoods and can feature in every meal of the day. Rediscover honey this Winter.

Pumpkin Seed Harvesting

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High Country Cheese

The Perfect High Country Cheese Board

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Farmers’ Markets

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What better way to take in the High Country than riding at your own pace to the very farmgates of our talented makers and growers. The freshest produce is a pedal away!

Hungry for more?

Simones Cooking Class

Cooking Classes

Roll up those sleeves and learn from our High Country masters

Nightingales apple orchard pedal to produce autumn bike ride

Pedal to Produce

You don’t have to be fit, an avid cyclist, or even have your own bike…

Ian Diver Campbells barrel durif

The Trying Durif

Chat with the pros on their contentious, fragile and world class passion.

Gumtree pie ride

Ride to Pies and Puddings

Flaky pastry, hearty filling, sweet, savoury or somewhere in between.

Walkabout apiaries honey mead milawa cheese bread

Superfood of the Gods

Honey – nature’s most delicious superfood! Rediscover it with Greg Whitehead of Walkabout Apiaries.

Dal Zotto Wines

Family Friendly

Top notch kids menus, playgrounds and activities to keep them busy.