Kinglake Distillery 

410 Ogradys Road Kinglake Central Victoria

Kinglake Distillery set out to make a single malt that was discernibly different from other Australian whiskies, something where regardless of barrel ageing, the characteristic Kinglake spirit could be picked out in a blind line up.

The most important Kinglake variable that allows us to make a very distinctive spirit is our use of local Spring Water. Chyser Creek rises from a natural spring located on the distillery property. This water has the perfect iron and calcium characteristics for making whisky. It is used directly from the source, completely un-treated.

They are one of only a handful of distilleries using open ferments for their whisky wash. They are surrounded by towering Mountain Ash, Messmate and Peppermint gumtrees and the air in hot weather is pungent with eucalyptus pollens. The open ferments and open-door distilling allows all these natural pollens and yeasts to become part of the fermentation process.

The final piece of the jigsaw in translating these local features into a new-make spirit is their approach to distillation and the final cut runs deep into the tails or feints. This not only means that they harvest the maximum impact from the chocolate and peat in their four-grain mash-bill but that all the richness and depth from foibles of using unfiltered water and open fermentations are given a chance to shine.