Avondale Gardens 

Kanes Creek Track (off Avondale road) Shelley Victoria

Located 18 kilometres from Koetong and 12 kilometres down the Avondale Road, you will find Shelley's 'Avondale Gardens'.

Situated on the old 'Avondale' homestead site, this garden was established by Peg Bird when she was resident at the homestead during the 1940s.

While little remains of the homestead itself, apart from some remnant walls, Peg's magnificent botanical garden containing exotic trees, shrubs, rock walls and a water tank remains today. The garden has lived on, thanks to the hard work of local volunteers and is now over 76 years old.

The gardens are a peaceful place where everyone is welcome to enjoy a picnic at the adjoining picnic area or just to wander and admire the gardens and appreciate the vision of Peg and the hard work of the local volunteers. Dubbed 'The Secret Garden' due to its slightly hidden location, there have been many gatherings at Avondale Gardens in the past and undoubtedly many more to come.

Please be aware that the Avondale Road is gravel and in wet weather is not suitable for two wheel drive vehicles.