Billy Button Cellar Door

11 Camp Street Bright 3741 MAP

The flower-lovers among us will know that the Billy Button name belongs to the bouncy native yellow flowers that colour the mountain tops of the Alpine Valleys. In 2014, after honing her winemaking skills throughout Victoria, Winemaker Jo Marsh decided to launch her own regional label, Billy Button Wines. Sourcing parcels of fruit from select vineyards throughout the Alpine Valleys, Jo’s wines are sold across Australia and frequently revered and awarded.

Known for the classic styles, but also consistently pushing the boundaries with tiny parcels of alternative varieties, Billy Button dares to venture where others wouldn’t.

With two convenient locations in the heart of Bright and Myrtleford, the Billy Button Cellar Doors offer visitors the opportunity to taste the full range of Billy Button wines. There’s something new and interesting for even the most discerning of wine palates to explore.

Come and visit them and taste Alpine Valleys in a glass.

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