Baarmutha Wines 

1184 Diffey Road Beechworth Victoria

Baarmutha Wines has been the brain child of Vinny and Sharon, and a massive labour of love, passion and hard work, starting from scratch in 2006.

Just a short 6.5 kilometres from the Beechworth Post Office, in Victoria's High Country, their journey has included every facet of pouring fine wine into glass.

From the Oenology and Viticultural studies at CSU, to the variety and clone selection. From the planting and establishing of their small low yielding vineyards, the hand weeding, mulching and nurturing, to hand selecting the fruit at harvest with family and friends. They then follow Old World principles, minimal intervention, wild ferments and time underground, to truly support Beechworth's envious reputation for high quality artisan wines.

Organise some time to visit wine maker Vinny Webb, and his wife Sharon to enjoy a truly personal and unique wine tasting experience. A planned visit can include all or some of this journey, including underground barrel tastings, following a few years of the wines development, and the sharing of their home made Salami, in a wonderful purpose built old Goldfields building, with a few modern climate control conveniences.