Pedal 2 Prosecco

4861 Wangaratta-Whitfield Road Whitfield 3733 MAP

Make it even easier to get to your next glass of Prosecco, on an e-bike with Pedal 2 Prosecco. A little extra push by battery power help you over hills, from door to cellar door in the upper King Valley.

Your map is your guide to follow, the perfect companion to tasting your way along Prosecco Road, pedal where you please.

Additional extras can be added such as take away picnic packs, lunch in the Dal Zotto Trattoria and Dal Zotto merchandise such as t-shirts and drink bottles.

Picnic packs include local cheeses, salami, bread and Elena’s garden vegetables, to enjoy at a local swimming hole, or a spectacular lookout. If you still got stamina, book lunch in the Dal Zotto Trattoria, the perfect reward for your efforts.

Additional cost for picnic pack and lunch booking.

Rate Starts

.00 - 60.00

Indicative Prices

35.00 - 60.00

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