Dotted throughout the High Country landscape, over sixty quaint mountain huts of stone, timber and corrugated iron dating back to the mid 1800's still stand, and make up an impressive part of the region's rich heritage.

The difference between life and death.

While the huts may seem rustic and charming now, when it came to surviving the unpredictable mountain weather they literally made the difference between life and death to the cattlemen and women who drove their cattle up to the high plains in summer. 

Hotham Spargos Hut

Many huts have been lost to bushfires and harsh weather. Those that remain tell stories of adventure, adversity and resilience. 

Some of the huts are named for the families of bushies who lived in them.

Fry's Hut was named after Jim Fry, who supported his family in their remote hut for 30 years and was, according to legend, the inspiration for Neville Schute's "A Far Country." One of the most popular huts, Craig's Hut, was built and featured in the film "The Man From Snowy River".

The High Country's legendary cattlemen were immortalised by Banjo Paterson in his famous poem, "The Man from Snowy River".

Some of our High Country huts are easily accessible by road or short walks, others require a hike or overnight stay.

All are remarkably beautiful in their simplicity, inviting in their protection, and stunningly situated in one of Australia's most scenic landscapes.

Experience the uniquely Australian beauty and heritage of the Victorian Alps.


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