1 Summit Road Mount Buller Victoria

"We come together with music to Freeski" FreeBOM asks competitors and spectators alike to free their animal spirit as you celebrate a day on Mt Buller with skiing and music.

FreeBOM nourishes the Mt Buller community through inclusion and collaboration. At its core the event is about bringing people together to freeski with music.

FreeBOM is open to all skiers of any age or discipline. FreeBOM asks competitors to ski with grace, passion and dance the line between chaos and control. The format is relaxed, competitors are required to ski down in front of judges, showing off their interpretation of FreeBOM and the Hot Dog philosophy. Prizes are awarded to all ages and genders based on skiing, dressing, airing, falling and FreeBOMing.

Bull Run Bowl's Natural Amphitheatre is the venue and Wood Run the stage. Bumps, a bustling crowd, music and a chairlift over head shape this once in a season atmosphere.

They believe that through participation and the creation of shared memory they can build a more resilient Mt Buller ski community.