Winton Sprint Series Round 4 

Huntley Street Winton Victoria

The Winton Sprint Series offers an accessible pathway for motorsport enthusiasts to transition from track days to competitive racing.

With its longstanding history spanning over 30 years, the series hosts multiple rounds throughout the year at the renowned Winton Raceway circuit. Participants have the opportunity to challenge themselves against the clock in a competitive setting.

For those looking to make the leap into competitive racing, the Sprint Series serves as an affordable entry point, costing only a fraction of what it typically takes to enter a full-fledged race meeting. This provides drivers with valuable on-track experience and helps them hone their racing skills. Moreover, participating in these events can contribute towards fulfilling the requirements for obtaining a racing license.

One of the notable aspects of the Winton Sprint Series is its spectator-friendly nature. Spectators can attend these events free of charge and enjoy the action from various vantage points around the circuit. With the Winton Circuit offering excellent visibility, spectators can witness up to ninety percent of the track, ensuring an engaging and immersive experience. Additionally, food and beverages are readily available at every event, enhancing the overall enjoyment for both participants and spectators alike.