The Four Town Challenge 

Road Ride
68 km
White: First timer
Green: Beginner
Blue: Intermediate
Black: Advanced
Double Black: Expert

• From the Rutherglen Wine Experience, ride due south along the relatively straight Springhurst Road.

Cross Black Dog Creek and continue straight into Springhurst.
? In Springhurst, take the overpass over the Hume Highway and turn left onto Benson Road - a quiet road that borders the highway, and leads into Chiltern.
? Enjoy a rest stop in Chiltern before riding through the main street (Conness Street) and onto Chiltern-Barnawartha Road.
? Ride into Barnawartha (through the main roundabout) and continue on before turning left at Stanhope Street (which becomes Howlong Barnawartha Road).
? Follow Howlong Barnawartha Road along crossing the Murray Valley Highway, and on to Gooramadda Road. From here it is a scenic ride back to Rutherglen, with a number of Cellar Doors and other rest stops to enjoy along the way.