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The Stan Allan Reserve is located on the banks of the King River, adjacent to the Snow Road, at the western approach to Oxley. The Stan Allan Reserve is considered the gateway to the town and is a popular recreational site and beautiful natural asset in the community.

In the mid 1970’s when the new bridge was built and the road re-aligned, the Oxley Residents’ Association worked to establish the Reserve as a pleasant area for picnics, fishing and a popular swimming hole for local families. The Reserve was named in memory of Stan Allan, a pioneer in Oxley. Stan was active in caring for the river and assisting the development of the growing Oxley township.

Since its establishment, the Reserve has continued to be a very popular location for both locals and visitors to our region. The Reserve provides the only location in the town for easy access to the river to swim, with its gentle sloping sandy bank. The picnic tables are used daily by travellers, workers and locals to enjoy a break whilst taking in the beautiful riverside vista.

A perfect place to take a break before you continue on to discover and explore the delights of the Milawa Gourmet Region.

(Overnight camping is prohibited).

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