Rubicon Aqueducts Walk to Rubicon Dam

Rubicon Valley Historic Area Rubicon 3712 MAP
Half Day Walks
2 hours
Est. Time
Grade 3
Historic Walks Nature Walks
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The Rubicon Aqueducts hike is a pretty seven kilometre return walk to the Rubicon Dam from the Royston Power Station, that winds it’s way through attractive tall forest on a flat route, passing a couple of charming bridges.

Beech Creek trestle bridge was damaged in the 2009 fire and has since been rebuilt. The Lubra Creek Trestle has a rotten deck with gaps of a couple of metres that are undecked, so descend a side track to the creek to get across the valley. At the end of the tramline take in the character of the damp gorge and it’s small dam.

The steep stairway to the top of the dam wall has a locked gate that has been installed by AGL Energy for safety reasons. If you walk back a hundred metres or so from the dam wall you should be able to locate a rough trail that leads to the lake for views near the dam wall. Take a break here and then return back down to the Royston Power station.