Ridges, Rocks and Rivers 

47-49 Hanson Street Corryong Victoria

Celebrating the regional microclimates and the natural diversity of the Upper Murray, Ridges, Rocks and Rivers colourfully captures your attention and draws your eye to the detail of the work.

Found in the north east Victorian township of Corryong, this mural was born in the ashes of the Black Summer fires 2019/2020 which devastated the surrounding Upper Murray. Approximately 95 per cent of the nearby Burrowa-Pine Mountain National Park and 100 per cent of Mount Mittamatite Regional Park was impacted by the blaze. These areas are home to a great diversity of animal and plant life, including a number of unique species.

The mural depicts five key landscapes. From left to right, these are alpine, moist gullies, rocky outcrops, dry slopes and Murray River riparian.

The design includes 31 species of flora and fauna, including the Bogong moth - one can be spotted in each of the 5 landscapes. The landscape also features Bluff Falls (Moist Gully landscape), the Bluff (Rocky Outcrop landscape) and the Murray River riparian (river banks) captured by North East Victorian Artist, Kirrily Anderson.