Mitta – Callaghan Creek Loop 

5557 Omeo Hwy Mitta Mitta VIC
64.4 km
White: First timer
Green: Beginner
Blue: Intermediate
Black: Advanced
Double Black: Expert

The Callaghan Creek Loop is a bucket list High Country gravel cycling experience featuring verdant rural vistas and leisurely cow crossings.

In contrast to the Bullhead Gap Loop’s bush track surfaces, this picturesque loop offers well-maintained, fast-rolling roads that feel firm under the tyres and offer a near-perfect gravel cycling experience. Weave through open rural vistas and the heart of a lush valley to the sounds of abundant birdlife and curious cows (remember to shut the gates behind you). This route is truly a hidden gem. As facilities are sparse along the route, riders need to be self-sufficient.

Start location - Snowy Creek Picnic Ground, Mitta Mitta
Finish location - Snowy Creek Picnic Ground, Mitta Mitta
Elevation gain - 1,066m
Water - Mitta Mitta township
Toilets - Mitta Mitta township

Locals tip: Refresh and refuel at Mitta Mitta Brewing Co. when you get back to town. 

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