Lee Couch – First Nations Wellness 

Myrtleford Victoria

Lee Couch is a First Nations wellness facilitator and educator offering various retreats, workshops and products.

Lee offers unique essential oil blends to complement her wellbeing practices. Her journey with essential oils began over 10 years ago when she was working as a Kinesiologist. Essential oils allow clients to connect deeply with Aboriginal ways of healing, and the traditional methods Aboriginal people used through ritual and bush medicine.

Nurture your mind, body and soul through an Earth connection at one of Lee's transformative retreats, set amidst mountains, waterfalls and bushland on beautiful Taungurung / Dhudhuroa Country, choose between a range of retreats, ranging from one to two-day guided life-moving experiences. The two-day retreats may also include accommodation, bus transfers and accommodation as well.

Lee's workshops include Aquatic Mindfulness, First Nations Meditation - called 'Dadirri' - which translates to 'deep listening', and Cultural Movement. Lee will tailor a learning experience to suit your individual or group needs.

Be Well.


Guided Experiences - Options

Lee's retreats combine education and health and wellness activities with her deep Cultural knowledge and practices for an experience you won't find anywhere else. Her ability to lead with change coupled with her passion to work towards a healed nation makes Lee Couch's retreats unforgettable. Experience a unique cultural immersion including a Welcome Ceremony, two-day workshop, accommodation and catering included, Yidaki and Story Telling, as well as bus transfers.