Lake William Hovell Recreation area 

Upper King River Road Cheshunt Victoria

Located about 18 kilometres from Cheshunt, Lake William Hovell is a beautiful and well-liked recreational spot.

This picturesque lake offers a variety of activities such as picnics, barbecues, fishing, canoeing and walking.

The lake is also home to different species of fish including Trout, Redfin and Macquarie Perch, which is an endangered species duly protected.

Lake William Hovell was inaugurated in 1971 and was built to store water from the King River for irrigation purposes downstream.

The lake has been open to the public for almost 30 years and has unique regulations that are still enforced to this day. Boats are allowed to travel at a maximum speed of eight kilometers per hour and use only 10 horsepower.

Camping in the reserve is prohibited, and the majority of the western shore is easily accessible and well-manicured.

As an irrigation storage, Lake William Hovell's water levels can fluctuate significantly, sometimes drawing down to the old river course in summer and filling to over 100 percent in winter. Hence, the ideal time for trout fishing is during the winter months.


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