Lake Benalla 

14 Mair Street Benalla Victoria

Along Lake Benalla's tranquil 4.25 kilometre track you will find inspiration in diverse and picturesque landscapes from the serene lake to meandering rivers, the exquisitely manicured botanical gardens to remnant river red gum forest, the indigenous community garden to Jaycee Island with its magnificent towering Moreton bay figs and exotic Bunya Bunya pines.

Explore the arts and heritage of Benalla with the outstanding Benalla Art Gallery, the Costume and Kelly Museum, the eye catching Gaudi-esque ceramic mural and the analemmatic sundial - all positioned conveniently along the lake.

Lake Benalla and the surrounding waterways are inhabited by many native fish and other animals including platypus, rakali (water rat) and three species of native turtles (Eastern Snake-necked Turtle, Broad-shelled Turtle and Murray River Turtle). Many different species of birds also frequent the area. They are most likely to be observed at dawn or dusk. However they may also be active during the day.

Help protect these species by ensuring no rubbish or pollutants enter our waterways, managing your pets and by being a responsible angler. You can also help by recording your sightings and the locations of turtle nesting sites; platypus and rakali at and turtles at