Grove & Sculpture Walk at Gooramadda Olives 

1468 Gooramadda Road Gooramadda Victoria

A serene walk around the olive and caper groves.

On a clear day you can see the Rutherglen Wine Bottle 14 kilometres away. If you are wishing to relax and stay awhile, Cheese Hampers To Go and beverages are available for purchase at the cellar door. Bring your own picnics are not permitted. Closed in shoes are required for this walk.

This walk is open only on weekends when the cellar door is open. Begin at the cellar door, view the Gate To Nowhere, sit in the 3 metre high metal Scorpion look for the sting in his tail, check out the Angler Fish with his luminous lure and Kalamutta the metal dog.

This experience is provided by Grove & Sculpture Walk at Gooramadda Olives