Five days High Huts Trek Route 

10 Slalom Street Falls Creek Victoria

This is five day overnight is both rugged with comfort, as although you carry your camping supplies the equipment and added food drops make the five days one of great achievement and worth.

Walk through the pristine high country embracing the carefully selected tour’s camp sites; such as, Cope saddle and the remerniciance of the cattle huts such as Roper’s, Edmonson’s, Fitzgerald’s, Tawonga Huts and Johnson’s.

The trek can be made harder or easier with options to hike further once reaching camp without the burden of a heavy pack. Such adventures down Duane Spur is one that springs to mind and is more readily travelled in the high country. The evening by the fire when appropriate and cryovaced food supplies ensures a warm dinner every night and a hardy breakfast of oat and eggs make an essential part of the days success.

For those wishing to explore the high country or train for a larger overseas or domestic hike this five day tour is the choice for you.

This experience is provided by Falls Creek Guides