Edi Victoria

The small settlement of Edi is encountered approximately 22km from Wangaratta, with a nice rest area (on the left) as you enter the settlement.

The rest area has river frontage, with tables, chairs and plenty of shade, making for a nice morning tea stop.

Just beyond Edi, an unsignposted (and unsealed) slip road to the left leads to Edi Reserve, a popular camping area on river flats alongside the King River. There are many excellent campsites, with toilet facilities provided; Boasting plenty of shade and many sections of river frontage to camp along. A popular spot amongst local fisherman with plenty of trout, redfin and murray cod to catch.

The Reserve continues for about 2km, and reappears further down the Whitfield Road. If you by-pass the Reserve, the roadway climbs up on the side of a ridge, passing through an area known as Edi Cutting. For those following the old rail trail from Wangaratta to Whitfield - Hyem Railway Station is a few kilometres beyond the Cutting, Jarrodd Railway Station is about three kilometres up the Valley from Hyem, and in the same area.