Dark Side of Wine 

57 Main Street Rutherglen Victoria
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$20.00 - 300

  • 2 to 11 Aug 202410:00am - 11:00pm

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When the last of the sun’s rays smolder over the horizon and the winter moon emerges, the dark arts of Rutherglen will be revealed at the Dark Side of Wine.

This series of immersive experiences is a festival for the curious and the bold.

Feel the crisp night air under a star-laden sky as you’re warmed by sensuous wines, crackling fires, stirring music and lively conversation.

At Dark Side of Wine, a new wave of winemakers will share some of the secrets that have been passed down through the generations. These trailblazers will be your guides to the Dark Side.

Try your hand at blending aged stocks and experiment with vibrant new vintages at a series of both day and nighttime events.

With Muscat and Durif varieties the intensely beating heart of the program, each experience will leave you enriched and enlivened. Enriched by the lore of Rutherglen and its wines and enlivened by the playful curiosity of its winemakers.

Each bottle holding its own secrets, the Dark Side of Wine series of Muscat events will unlock the dark mystery and beauty of this alluring wine, with deep and seductive Durif wines featured throughout the broader program.
Rutherglen is home to an incredibly diverse array of other red and white varieties, all of which will be expressed at Dark Side of Wine.