Chiltern-Indigo Valley Ride 

Road Ride
70 km
White: First timer
Green: Beginner
Blue: Intermediate
Black: Advanced
Double Black: Expert

• From the roundabout in the centre of Beechworth, head north along the Beechworth-Wodonga Road, and then ride down the 'Rising Sun' descent.
• After about 20km's turn left at the Chiltern-Yackandandah Road (Indigo Creek Road), riding north towards Chiltern.
• Scoot under the freeway at 'frog hollow tunnel' and turn left into Chiltern.
• From Chiltern follow the Beechworth-Chiltern Road back up to Beechworth cresting both the Mount Pilot Saddle and La Serena climbs on the way.
• Ride onto Beechworth-Wodonga Road and back into Beechworth.