Bon Accord Spur

Harrietville 3741 MAP
Day Walks
1 day
Est. Time
Grade 4
Wilderness Walks
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The Bon Accord Spur was the route taken by walkers, horse riders and pack horses to Mount Hotham before the Great Alpine Road was built. Today it provides a pleasant walk to Mount Hotham, or it can be part of a route taking in the Razorback and Bungalow Spur. For this, an overnight camp would be necessary, the best place being at Federation Hut near the junction of the Bungalow Spur walking track and the Razorback walking track.

To reach the start of the track go down Bon Accord Track, Harrietville. Follow the east branch of the Ovens River for 5 km to the confluence of Washington Creek where the steep climb up the spur starts. The Bon Accord Hut ruin is 9.5 km from the start of the track. From here it is 2 km up to the Razorback, then 0.5 km to the Great Alpine Road.