Benalla Art Gallery – Ruth Johnstone and Lesley Duxbury: Embrace the 

Bridge Street Benalla Victoria

The ubiquitous eucalypt has come to mean many things to us.

It is honoured when it survives to a great age, yet its size and materiality has caused it to be felled for human needs, and of course it is renowned for fuelling raging bushfires. Utilising paper based media and contemporary art approaches, Ruth Johnstone and Lesley Duxbury address the cultural significance of the eucalypt.

Lesley Duxbury is a Gippsland-based artist whose work includes printmaking and photography.

Ruth Johnstone studied Art at Warrnambool Institute of Advanced Education; RMIT University; and the National College of Art and Design in Dublin. She has exhibited works on paper and installations for over 40 years including solo exhibitions.

The Benalla Art Gallery is closed on Tuesdays.