Hops are an integral ingredient in the great beer recipe, along with water, yeast and malt. But they can't be grown just anywhere. Over 70% of Australia's hops are grown in the alpine valleys of Victoria's High Country and are shipped all over the world, and are cherished by our local brewers.

What are hops?

Hops are a bine (not a vine) that grows small pinecone-like flowers filled with acids and essential oils that brewers worship for their flavoursome impact in beer.

They generally give a bitterness when used early in the brewing process, and some incredible aromas and flavours when added late. They also act as a preservative that improves foam and extends the shelf life of beer.

Germany started using hops in the 8th century, but the English were the first to start commercial scale production in the 16th century, followed by America and Australia in the 19th century. 

Rostrevor Hop Gardens, on the banks of the Ovens River.

The main farm dates all the way back to the Gold Rush. William Panlook was the son of a Chinese immigrant who came to Australia in search of a fortune, but didn’t find it until his family planted hops on this site in the 1890's. The house they lived in still stands today.

Rostrevor Hop Gardens

Inspired by place and produce.

The brewers of Victoria's High Country are united by their passion for the environment, its pristine water, and locally grown hops. Take a journey along the High Country Brewery Trail to taste the different flavours and regional expressions straight from the source. 

The Bridge Road Brewers marquee at the High Country Hop festival, 2022