Myrtleford Kilns

Nestled in the Ovens Valley and the Happy Valley Creek running through the centre of town, Myrtleford is a popular destintion for food, wine and adventure lovers. Originally known as Myrtle Creek, the town was shaped by pioneer graziers, gold seekers and timber getters. These days the tobacco farms have been replaced by productive crops including wine grapes, hops, walnuts and chestnuts and berries.

Alpine Valleys Wine Region
Alpine Valleys Wine Region

Experience the hot summer days and cool nights that make such distinctive wines around the four valleys created by the Ovens, Buffalo, Buckland and Kiewa rivers. Dine alfresco and spend the afternoon sampling local varietals while taking in stunning valley views. The unique sub-alpine conditions produce wines of great elegance, with intense fruit characters and high natural acidity.

Myrtleford Markets
Farm fresh

The fertile soils of Myrtleford boast some of the most abundant harvests in the region. People travel far and wide to buy this delicious fresh produce, straight from the producers hand. Discover the fresh herbs, vitamin packed veggies and sweet fruits of the farmers markets, farm gates and even a drive-way stall or two. From the traditions of their Italian anscestors, you will really taste the character and heart of the local people, who take immense pride in the food they produce.


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