Talk and Taste with Milawa Cheese

We’ve all been hitting the snack cupboard a little more than usual. Maybe it’s time to elevate your experience – with some insight from the pro’s.

Join executive cheesemaker Cameron Rowan of Milawa Cheese Company for a guided tasting of four of his favourites. Cam and the team are passionate about creating specialist cheese by hand, using fresh cow and goat milk sourced locally from Victoria’s High Country.

Discover what makes a washed rind (hint: more washing than your car got over lockdown), and why a good cheddar can be crunchy sometimes. Meet the moulds that hang out in Milawa – a unique microclimate – and understand what it means to make cheese entirely by hand. The family here have been producing since 1988, and they’ve had plenty of learnings and laughs along the way!

Cam and the team will hand-select four cheeses for you that are perfectly ripe and ready. This is an opportunity to taste cheese that has lived the good life, in Milawa’s maturing rooms, rather than spending its days wrapped in plastic and travelling from factory to warehouse to supermarket fridges. You’ll learn about how a cheese’s texture and flavour develops with age, and get a whole new grab-bag of vocabulary to describe what you love or what you’re looking for when you buy it.

Perfect for cheese novices and curd nerds alike, this session will leave you with a wealth of knowledge and a yearning to whip up a cheese platter for your fellow cheese fanciers – an essential post-lockdown skill!

What's included:

  • 45 minute virtual cheese tasting class delivered via Zoom
  • A Cheese Tasting pack which includes:
    • Four hand-selected cheeses – plenty for two people to participate, and have some left over for tomorrow
    • Tasting notes
    • Milawa cooler bag

What you need to supply:

  • Some good bread or crackers, if you like – we think it’s best to taste without them, but definitely enjoy with bread and accompaniments later
  • A glass of wine or beer never goes astray

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Important information about the event

  • Cost: $85 pp
  • Sessions held at 5pm on Thursday 16th or 23rd September, and Thursday 7th October
  • Cut off for bookings
    • 16 September must book by Sunday 12th
    • 23 September must book by Sunday 19th
    • 7 October must book by Sunday 3rd

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