Pfeiffer Wines Muscat Master Blender

Internationally revered, Rutherglen Muscat wines and vines are only cared for by a handful of dedicated Rutherglen wine families, like the Pfeiffers. Aged in grand old casks and barrels in dusty cellars, Rutherglen Muscat is lovingly nurtured and tended to, passed through generations and blended into intense, complex and luscious wines.

Join the Pfeiffer Wines team in this hands-on experience to taste and blend Rutherglen Muscat whilst gaining an insight into what it’s like to be an artisan winemaker of Rutherglen. 

You will taste four classifications of Rutherglen Muscat and two barrel samples, before being guided through the blending process to create your signature Muscat with a flavour profile perfectly suited to your palate.

A unique, eye opening experience to fully acquaint you with this elegant, profound wine.

What's included:

  • A 90 minute interactive Muscat blending class delivered via Zoom
  • A Muscat Master Blender pack that includes:
    • Full Pfeiffer Rutherglen Muscat Classification (4 x 30ml bottles) – Rutherglen Muscat, Classic Rutherglen Muscat, Grand Rutherglen Muscat, Rare Rutherglen Muscat                          
    • 300ml Pfeiffer Muscat Barrel Sample – average 10 years old
    • 300ml Pfeiffer Muscat Barrel Sample – 2016
    • Muscat colour chart
    • Classification, blending and tasting mats
    • Measuring cylinder, funnel
    • 200ml bottle to store your final blend

Please allow 10 days for delivery of your Muscat Master Blender pack.

What you need to supply:

  • 10 glasses
  • Pen

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Important information about the event

  • Cost: $221.55 pp
  • Sessions held at 2pm, 5pm & 7pm, Monday-Friday during September
  • Please allow 10 days for delivery of your Muscat Master Blender pack
  • One booking per time slot
  • Session runs for 90 minutes

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