Bird watching


From the granitic hills and woodlands of the Warby Range, the Box‐Ironbark of the Killawarra Forest and the River Red Gum forest and wetlands of the unregulated Ovens Heritage River – this National Park is a highlight for bird watchers with a variety of woodland birds such as the Turquoise Parrot, Hooded Robin and Speckled Warbler calling it home. Experience expansive scenic views from atop ridges, or wander through the gully’s and keep a keen eye out for these unique birds and of course, all of the other wildlife! Make your way out of Chiltern towards the gold rush-era Magenta Mine and treat yourself to a twitcher’s expedition to remember. Wander through stringy bark forests and keep your eyes peeled for the rare Regent Honeyeater, Swift Parrot, Turquoise Parrot and Square Tailed Kite.

Self guided information and maps available at the Benalla and Chiltern Visitor Information Centres.