Mount Buffalo Bucket List

Mount Buffalo National Park

Mount Buffalo National Park is known to be an adventure lover's wonderland, with 23 walking trails, multiple campgrounds, rocky outcrops and cliff faces - there is always an opportunity for adventure. We've pulled together the Top 5 must do experiences that will take in Mount Buffalo on two feet, two wheels and even suspended on the side of cliff.


The Big Walk

Starting with two feet firmly on the ground, The Big Walk is a 4-5 hours hike taking in the breathtaking scenery. Perhaps one of the most interesting, diverse and naturally beautiful full day walks in Victoria's High Country.

Camping at Lake Catani

Nestled in and around the banks of the pristine alpine waters of the lake, the small intimate campground is perfectly located for campers to make the most of the water with a possible moonlit dip, a sunrise paddle or a sunset fish at your fingertips. An ideal campsite for both seasoned and inexperienced campers who are eager to spend their days reconnecting with the magnificent natural surrounds.

Cliff Picnic

Imagine yourself suspended on the side of a cliff, casually enjoying a picnic and laid back conversation with your partner in crime? Now open your eyes, and take in the spectacular view across the Mount Buffalo plateau.

Abseil Adventures

The Mount Buffalo Gorge is an amazing chasm that is over three hundred metres deep. It has stunning granite cliffs and the spectacular Crystal Brook Falls that drops vertically from the top of the plateau near the Chalet to the bottom of the gorge over 250 metres below. Make a full descent and abseil your way down the famous North Face with Adventure Guides Australia.

7 Peaks Ride

The 7 Peaks Ride - Mount Buffalo is one of the most popular road cycling rides of the 7 Peaks Ride series. A steady climb to the peak, you will be rewarded with awe inspiring views of the Alpine Valleys as you make the visually spectacular descent.

7 Peaks Run

For the fitness buffs, fill your lungs with the fresh alpine air and test your trail running stamina at Mount Buffalo as part of the 7 Peaks Run - Mount Buffalo. The three trails explore diverse parts of this boulder laced landscape.