Trails, Tales and Tucker

Falls Creek Resort ,Slalom Street Falls Creek 3699 MAP

A fascinating three kilometre walk along the Wallace’s Heritage Trail while listening to the stories of the characters, the myths and legends and how they have shaped the Bogong High Plains.

The journey takes in historical alpine huts and delves into the journeys of the Indigenous, the Bogong Moth, the graziers, tribulations of the Kiewa Hydro Electric Scheme and the formation of Falls Creek Alpine Village. The walk concludes with a delectable lunch of tastes of the North East Victoria with stunning views across the High Plains.

Trails, Tales and Tucker occurs on selected dates between November until April. Please see the booking page for dates.

Trails, Tales and Tucker Tours may also be booked for groups of eight or more (maximum 20) for any day of the week with 48 hours notice. This would suit clubs or bus groups.

  • 5 Dec 2021   
  • 2 Jan 2022   
  • 6 Feb 2022   
  • 6 Mar 2022   
  • 3 Apr 2022   
5 December 2021
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