The Muscat Mile No. 8 Pfeiffer Wines 

167 Distillery Road Wahgunyah Victoria

You're doing this experience alongside barrels that were reparation payments from WW1, tasting wines two generations in the making and smelling the 'angels share' that's evaporating from the barrels while you're there.

They say Rutherglen winemakers are going to heaven because they've been looking after the angels for all those years.

The magic of Muscat is seemingly endless, especially for the Pfeiffer family of Rutherglen. Rutherglen is known for producing arguably the best Muscat in the world thanks to perfect growing conditions and a handful of families who have been its custodians for generations. But behind this complex, luscious wine style is wine-stained clothes, hot days working the vines and decades of checking on dusty old barrels.


Guided Experiences - Options

Experience ‘the real Muscat’ in the century old barrel room where you will begin by syphoning Muscat straight from the barrel using a ‘wine thief.’ After tasting your way through the four Muscat classifications and your barrel samples, it’s your turn to experiment with your sample and a mystery sample, to see how close you can get to an officially classified Muscat.