Snonuts Donuts Street Kitchen

Slalom Plaza, Slalom Street Falls Creek 3699 MAP

Snonuts Donuts Street Kitchen offers their famous donuts, decadent milkshakes, French crepes (GF), baked spuds, toasties. All freshly made to order.

Come and try their gourmet milkshakes flavours such as Bubblegum, Mars Bar, Tweety Pie and Salted Caramel. Or, how about some of their famous hot cinnamon donuts, a Snonutella or a yummy jam donut cooked fresh to order?

They’ve been told their churros are the best ever and the Nutella crepes are ever popular. They have iced donuts and other delights. There’s hot food for a hearty snack or a more substantial meal. Try their yummy baked spuds (GF), toasties and savoury crepes (GF).

Restaurant and Cafe
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