Ski Touring Training 5 Days Six Nights

Telemark Street Falls Creek 3699 MAP

The aim of these five days is to prepare your fitness to successfully ski tour an adventure that awaits you around the world or further afield in Australia’s vast snow landscape.

Each day is set as a progression to build stamina, touring ability and technique that will make your next ski touring adventure a safe and successful one.

This tour provides the opportunity to break in your touring boots, check your pack for comfort and check in on how to pack your pack successfully.

Along the trek learn how to pace and climb/descend steep terrain, and ski down some of the extraordinary mountainous terrain that surrounds Falls Creek.

The six nights is accommodated in the delightful Nelse Lodge that includes a stunning continental breakfast, lunches and dinner.

A briefing each night is provided by the guide to go over the details and any special requirements of the climb.

This experience is provided by Falls Creek Guides
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