RIEDEL Wine Glass Experience 

167 Distillery Road Wahgunyah Victoria
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$150 - 150

  • 3 Aug 202410:30am - 12:30pm

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Did you know that the shape and size of your glass will affect the aroma, flavour and overall profile of wine? Join the team at Pfeiffer Wines for a Riedel Wine Glass Experience where, with the help of four grape varietal specific Riedel glasses and four premium Pfeiffer wines, you'll learn how the proper glassware enhances your wine drinking experience.

This fascinating class incorporates decades of research and development in grape varietal specific glassware and will give you a glimpse into Riedel's 268-year history of design and invention.

With the use of four glasses from Riedel's Ouverture, Vinum and Performance series, you can see for yourself why shape matters and how it can draw different characters and personalities from each of the wines.

Four glasses will be varietally matched to four premium wines: Pfeiffer Frontignac, Pfeiffer Durif, Pfeiffer Christopher's VP, and Pfeiffer Rutherglen Muscat.

Enjoy a two hour Riedel Wine Glass Experience with a set of four beautiful Riedel wine glasses, valued at $204, to take home after the event. Including four premium Pfeiffer wine tastings, and a warm bowl of casserole before you depart.

This Riedel Wine Glass Experience is limited to adults 18 plus years of age only.