Restorative Mini Retreats 2022

Restorative yoga is a way of resetting the system, quieting the mind and nourishing the body.

Each shape is held for at least five minutes and props, such as bolsters and blankets, are used to support the body in the most comfortable position possible so that it can completely relax and let go. Gentle and supported twists, forward bends, backbends and inversions are practiced with modifications provided for individual needs. 

Poetry, readings and mindfulness tools will be provided for self-inquiry, finishing with guided yoga nidra for deep relaxation. The session will conclude with a sharing circle and an opportunity to connect with the group.

This practice is suitable for all levels and conditions and is particularly suitable for people with busy and stressful lives as a way of taking time to be still and rest or for people dealing with illness. The emphasis is on being rather than doing.

A special treat of bliss balls and home blended herbal tea will finish off a truly nourishing afternoon.

Book via the website link and join us on these dates: Feb 20, 8 May, 14 August or 13 November 2022.

  • 14 Aug 2022   
  • 13 Nov 2022  14:00:00 16:30:00
14 August 2022
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