MTB de femme

Falls Creek ,1 Slalom Street Falls Creek 3699 MAP

MTB de femme is all about getting more women riding the trails at Falls Creek in a friendly, fun, relaxing and safe environment.

So many women have had a bad first experience on a mountain bike. We’ve all been there, riding their partners ‘old’ bike and following them down a technical trail, scaring the pants off them, leaving them never wanting to get back on the bike again!

MTB de femme is all about changing that.

You will meet like minded females and become a much more confident rider.

Activities include guided social rides, skill’s clinic, shuttles, bike maintenance workshop, yoga and lots of socialising.

You can just join for the social guided ride aspect, one full day or the entire all-inclusive weekend. There is something for everyone.

  • 4 Mar 2022   
  • 5 Mar 2022   
  • 6 Mar 2022   
4 March 2022
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15.00 - 300.00

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