Little Beechworth Kitchen

29 Malakoff Road Beechworth 3747 MAP

Little Beechworth Kitchen is a holiday provision delivery service for Airbnb and Guesthouses for Beechworth, Bright and its surrounding towns.

Whether you’re looking for a gourmet feast a personal chef or a pantry top up Little Beechworth Kitchen offers an extensive range of the best local and gourmet products, carefully picked and packed. They are committed to using predominantly Beechworth and Bright food and wine products.

They deliver seasonally fresh and home-grown vegetables, fruits and flowers, and support the local economy. Little Beechworth Kitchen has done the hard work of sourcing the best local selection of food and pamper products that then can be delivered to you.

Please be sure to order 3 days before the planned date of your stay.

Cooking Schools, Lessons, Workshops
Restaurant and Cafe
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