Chambers Rosewood Muscat

Follow a Muscat Trail

Few wines can elicit a response on first tasting quite like Rutherglen Muscat. The multitude of aromas, the incredible depth of flavour on the palate, and a finish that seems to linger for an age... the first sip of Rutherglen Muscat is a memory that stays with a wine lover for life.

Some of Australia’s most distinguished winemaking families, each with their own distinctive personalities and styles, are found in Rutherglen. The Muscats of Rutherglen group has the undeniable reputation as producers of probably the greatest dessert wine style in the world. They have a shared passion for these decadent world-renowned wines and encourage visitors to participate in the Rutherglen Muscat Trail, to linger, learn and enjoy the Muscats of Rutherglen experience without pressure or pretence.