The Dirty Dozen Rides

Mountain Biking Dirty Dozen

The Dirty Dozen are a sweet selection of 12 MTB trails, handpicked by riders, for riders. Local riders have spent hours in the saddle, smashing and shredding trails all over Victoria's High Country, and have chosen a tidy collection of rides for your pleasure.

Tackle the thrills and spills of all-mountain trails or experience the freedom of riding along flowing single track.

Mt Buller’s network of fresh trails will leave you spoilt for choice, whilst Falls Creek delivers some of Australia’s most inspirational bike riding country. Down in the valleys cruise the flowing single tracks in Bright, then get off the beaten track and into the bike parks at Beechworth and Mt Beauty.

These trails are also multi-purpose, so please ride appropriately and be courteous to other trail users.

Trail rating system
BeginnerSuitable for beginner and intermediate riders - predominantly gentle terrain, allowing riders to develop greater skills and confidence.
IntermediateSteeper terrain with increased technical features - offers riders a more challenging riding experience and opportunity to test new skills.
ExpertA natural progression to test your skills and endurance. Best to check out the trails before riding to ensure you are familiar with the terrain before pushing the limits.
ExtremePrimarily downhill trails, riders are recommended to wear full body armour and have a full dose of courage. Skills will be tested on a range of technical features.

The above rating system used is based on the degree of difficulty for each trail and is consistent with alpine ski fields and international trail standards.