Approx 10 km

Riding Time

1-2 hours


Loop trail that climbs for 6km, then descends for 4km. Generally,
the gradients are moderate, but there are some short steep sections

Fitness Level

High endurance, high technical skill


Stonefly is widely refarded as being the best XC trail in Australia. This singletrack trail epitomises the design of Glen Jacobs and his World Trail crew – a flawless trail that takes in some of the most jaw-dropping scenery that the High Country has to offer.

Beginning from the Howqua Gap hut, you will spend for first half of this 10km weaving upwards, bombing across several creek crossings and through the majestic snow-gum forest dotted with granite boulders, to eventually hit Bluff Spur Memorial Hut. The ascent is tough work but well worth it when you pass the Hut and smash the 4km sweeping descent back to Howqua Gap.

Stonefly can be ridden as an individual loop, as part of the Epic Trail or as the final stage in the Summit to Summit ride between the peak of Mt Buller and the peak of Mt Stirling – a visually mind-blowing experience